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Thanks and Giving

There are still good things in the world and I hope I never stop seeing them! Being positive and staying on schedule daily during this pandemic has been difficult with so much to rearrange and daily uncertainty. Connecting with people virtually, while not my favorite thing, is something I am grateful for. Today I was able to do Gentle Yoga on Zoom with my friends I met through the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. We have been meeting together for over ten years in Monday class, as Wednesday Walkers and Lunch Ladies . We are our own support group, through everything this life throws at us, we take the good with the bad and keep moving. Technology has made it possible for us to continue to cheer one another on but today as we signed off I felt the weight of missing their IN PERSON live companionship. I am so GRATEFUL! I truly love them, we are forever changed by knowing each other and if one of us needed something, WE would all be there. We get through life together MS, rough relationships, cancer, hospice or COVID-19 and that's called LIVING! Yes things have changed but let's not let it change us. Find your community and GIVE them THANKS! Namaste.

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