My painting of a small child giving a 'fist bump" to a Peace Officer in a Philadelphia courthouse hallway is inspired by life and earned Best in Show at the National Arts Program (NAP) Philadelphia Employee's- Art in City Hall Exhibition in 2016.

That was the moment that  gave me the confidence to say I am an artist!

The night my painting received  "Best in Show" at our National Arts Program City Employees Exhibition I knew something had changed. I could feel it but I could not explain it.  The chain of events that followed  and the new connections  made have led me on one adventure after another.


It has to led directly to the opportunity to volunteer and collaborate with the Souls Shot Portrait Project and the possibility to keep painting.


I used to be a nurse - but after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis my whole life changed. It wasn't until I became a patient myself that I realized who I was fully made to be.

Keeping a GOOD view always requires a commitment to be physically strong, mentally stable and spiritually connected. Now it just takes a bit of extra time, encouragement and grace. 


If someone were to ask, I like working with oils because they have a forgiving nature that allows me to keep going and work out any problem if I just keep painting.
Being An Artist Started With A Fist

"It Starts with a Fist" 24 X 36 Oil on Canvas   (2016)



I Have Always Been Creative

And  I am all about healing!

Life will either hold us in place or push us forward.

  • May be we have been to the same places?

  • Seen the same things?

  • Had the same experiences?

  • May be we have completely stories to tell?

My painting "Chestnut Hill Memorial" received  the Second Place Award in the Intermediate Artist Category the following year at the National Arts Program (NAP) Philadelphia Employee's- Art in City Hall Exhibition in 2017.

When art speaks to your heart, it was meant to be shared. Mine was shared on social media by the group Heeding God's Call to End Gun Violence.  I am honored to speak through illustration.

I know that is why I love what I do!

 Reception for City Employee's Art in CIty Hall  (2017)


"Chestnut Hill Memorial" 9 X 12 (2017)

 "We plan - and God steps in with another plan for us and He is all-wise and the most loving friend  we always have helping us."  - Nettie Fowler McCormick

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